Welcome to our new happy-vibe website!

This is the new happy-vibe website of Fusion Culture Group, a community organisation based in Sydney, Australia.

Fusion Culture Group is Little Frog‘s baby, who was born in 2011 in Ultimo into a volunteer family. Little Frog is a passionate and engaging community leader. She has special powers in connecting people and bringing cultures together through interactive learning activities, laughter and magic.

With much nurturing and dedication by Little Frog, Fusion Culture Group is gradually growing-up. It is now a self-assured, empowered, responsible and united entity.  We are welcomed and supported by local community centres where we learn, play, share and grow.

In the coming year, Little Frog plans to boost the growth of Fusion Culture Group by expanding into new communities and providing body & mind health maintenance programs for corporations while continuing to offer free community activities, including survival English and Mandarin classes, Fusion Tai Chi, laughter workouts, magic training and performances, cultural and social events…

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little organisation, but we hope you’ll come along for the crazy fun ride!

Written by Sylvia

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