Bringing cultures together through magic & laughter

Dear Friends and Travellers of Time,

Welcome aboard…let us take a flight back to the future…

We started in 2011 with 12 strangers, and we are now one big family where everyone is happy, enthusiastic, united and supportive of each other. Our journey is a memorable one. We did many things together learning and sharing of new knowledge and experiences. We learned about different cultures through food, art, music, dance, magic and laughter.

Our members are open-minded and willing to step out of their comfort zone to try new experiences. For example, our Chinese team entered into a Debating Event on Generational Gap against the Sydney University Debating Team at Lower Town Hall in 2014. Due to sheer determination and dedication, our seniors’ team won the debate! We were elated and stunned. We are not professional performers, but we have performed at three Living in Harmony events, twice at Customs House and once at Lower Town Hall. Our Group received the Seniors Achievement Award at Parliament House in 2014.

Little Frog is a certified Laugher Yoga leader, tai chi practitioner, magic choreographer and performer, active community leader, etc.  In 2015, we experimented with laugher and magic with our activities to break down language, cultural and social barriers. It achieved resounding results. After 20 sessions, we evolved into our own brand of multi-dimensional and multi-cultural laughter workout encompassing language, music, singing, body movement, social interaction, culture and mindfulness practice all into one happy hour!! We took our laughter workouts to various community centres, social events, and the Living in Harmony events at Customs House.

Our 2016 events & activity include:

  • I LOVE AUSTRALIA Celebration & Exhibition on 30/1/16 at Ultimo Community Centre, and
  • Voice of Sydney Australia on 12/3/16 at Customs House
  • Weekly fusion tai chi and language (survival English & Mandarin) programs
  • Monthly fusion laughter workout & magic training
  • Quarterly educational field trips – Art galleries, Parliament House, Museums…
  • Special occasion cultural events –  Chinese New Year, Easter, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas…

Join us for some fun, friendship and self-improvement.  We look forward to sharing with you our secret to happiness and to feel young again.

Have a safe journey to your destination.

Yours in magic and laughter,

Little Frog

Welcome to our new happy-vibe website!

This is the new happy-vibe website of Fusion Culture Group, a community organisation based in Sydney, Australia.

Fusion Culture Group is Little Frog‘s baby, who was born in 2011 in Ultimo into a volunteer family. Little Frog is a passionate and engaging community leader. She has special powers in connecting people and bringing cultures together through interactive learning activities, laughter and magic.

With much nurturing and dedication by Little Frog, Fusion Culture Group is gradually growing-up. It is now a self-assured, empowered, responsible and united entity.  We are welcomed and supported by local community centres where we learn, play, share and grow.

In the coming year, Little Frog plans to boost the growth of Fusion Culture Group by expanding into new communities and providing body & mind health maintenance programs for corporations while continuing to offer free community activities, including survival English and Mandarin classes, Fusion Tai Chi, laughter workouts, magic training and performances, cultural and social events…

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our little organisation, but we hope you’ll come along for the crazy fun ride!

Written by Sylvia