Fusion Magic

Creating magical moments to brighten people’s lives is an enchanting and exhilarating experience !!!


Fusion Magic Club was formed in June inspired by the 2015 Living in Harmony Festival “Conjuring Cultures through Magic” training program.  Since April, our multinational team performed on five occasions entertaining different cultural and community groups.  The most recent one was at Lord Mayor’s luncheon at Lower Town Hall which was attended by over 500 volunteer guests.  Our acts captured everyone’s imagination and several enquiries were received about joining our team.

Fusion Magic Club     The Box of Death Show   Snowstorm Tai Chi

The Bull Fight Show

Under the leadership of master magician, Thor, our team is becoming one happy family of magicians.  We meet whenever we can to learn, practice, and help each other out to perfect our acts. We have come a long way in a short of time.  We enjoy the camaraderie, the showmanship and seeing the surprise and intrigue of the audiences…

Who can apply?  Anyone

  • with a strong command of English and another language/s
  • with performance experience or a desire to become a performer
  • 18 years and over
  • can commit the time to attend semi-monthly for magic training meetings, and deliver performances on special occasions throughout the year

For further information, please contact Sylvia 0411 487 821 or send us an email.

Fusion Tai Chi


Fusion Tai Chi  is a non-traditional, easy to learn and fun workout for the body and mind.  The forms and moves are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Tai Chi 太極 (complementary opposites) and yin-yang 陰陽  (balance and harmony) with a focus on internal “chi” 氣 (energy) and “yi” 意 (mindfulness).

Little Frog founded Fusion Tai Chi to address the health maintenance needs of people in today’s environment.  It is a combination of traditional Tai Chi and ancient animal forms with new moves she created which are weaved together by energy healing breathing and ligament stretching moves handed down by ancient Chinese masters of Chinese qigong氣功.  In addition to the traditional 10 and 24 Tai Chi Forms 太極拳, below are some of the Fusion Tai Chi forms

  • Five Element Ta Chi
  • Twelve Animal Play
  • Yin-Yang Fist & Fan
  • Power Animal Workout
Fusion Fan Dance
Fusion Fan

Power Animal Play

Power Animal Workout

The tempo or speed of the moves can be tailored to the learners’ needs depending on age and health conditions.  Tai Chi, if practiced regularly, improves posture, balance, flexibility, core muscle strength and stability.

  • WHEN         Tuesdays 10:30 – 11:30 am
  • WHERE      Harris Community Centre, 97 Quarry Street, Ultimo
  • COST           $2 per session – gold coin donation to the Centre
  • What to wear:  loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes with no heels

Enquiry or Registration:  (02) 9552 1140 or osanchez@uniting.org;  Little Frog: 0411 487 821

Off-site group sessions can be arranged with a minimum of eight people and eight sessions.