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We believe that learning must be fun and engaging.  We constantly search for creative ways to connect people and bridge cultures.   Between 2015 we started laughter workouts and ventured into magic.   In 2016, we ventured into drama and created our own shows.  In 2017,  we introduced gestures exploration combined with laughter and music making..  Over the years, we participated in numerous public performances to meet new people and to build up members’ confidence and camaraderie spirit.  All the activities proved to be effective and fun ways to break down language, cultural and social barriers.  They gave  members a sense of belonging and pride.  Our friends and members are now one big happy family…

I love Australia 2014

With the support of City of Sydney and the nurturing environment at Harris Community Centre and  Ultimo Community, our members are gradually “growing-up” and maturing into responsive, responsible and contributing citizens of the community.   Below are some of the tiny steps we have made…and they will become giant steps one day as we march into the new horizon.

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  • Name Recognition:  We have made a name for ourselves as the group of happy vibes…we bring vitality, sound, laughter and energy to the party wherever we go.    We constantly receive invitations to various community events  either as an entertainment team or as guests.

LR Sylvia Photos library module (152 of 231)  Entertainment by laughter @ Rockdale Town Hall

  • Free Laughter Workouts:  Twenty one-hour sessions were conducted  between January-November.  Over 500 people from various cultural backgrounds attended.   Due to popular demand, we will continue to run laughter workouts starting February

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  • Free Magic Shows:  Five shows were delivered to a total of 800+people between April and November.   The audiences were impressed by our acts and many were inspired to enquire about becoming a magician.

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  • Fusion Brain & Body Workout” at Customs House was  part of the 2015  Living in Harmony festival.  It  was a sold out event with 200+  spectators attending and 60 volunteers involved.  Fusion Culture Group was the organizer working in partnership with the Brain Foundation

3.1 5 jpg31 (2)Fusio Fiesta Event @ Customs House.- LiH.Apr2013

  • I LOVE AUSTRALIA project, supported by City of Sydney through a matching grant,  took off with a bang in June.  This is a ten-month project and it is anticipated that we would have touched the lives of over 2000 people from online surveys to entry submissions, from volunteers to performers, from sponsors to event partners, etc.

Aussie Day BBQ. Jan2014

  • New Partnership collaborations brought new community and business groups together through our I LOVE AUSTRALIA project.  The project partners include Bendigo Bank Community Bank (Pyrmont), Macquarie University, Navitas English,  Spanish Community Care Assoc.

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What people say about us…

Daniel Denford, Manager, Ultimo Community Centre:  Awesome… it’s great to hear your members are enjoying their experiences.  It is our pleasure to keep working with you and supporting you.   Without your commitment our community would definitely be worse off.  Thanks, Dan (3/12/15)

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Krys J of SydneySings:  I just wanted to say how I really felt quite honoured to perform with you guys and entertain your community group. I was overwhelmed with their wonderful response and I just love their enthusiasm for taking on all sorts of projects… Thank you so much for allowing me to be involved involved. You do a fabulous job…(3/12/15)

Power Animal Play

Alan Koit, Cliff Noble Community Centre, Alexandria:   The shows were really great today. The food were yummy, people were positive in spirit and the atmosphere was vibrant with +ve energy. I saw in you today a director, show performer as well as a photographer. You are full of energy! Wonder where you harvest it? Anyway well done Sylvia!   I enjoy the party and the company of the FCG and look forward to associate more with them. Thanks again for inviting me to this gathering… (2. 12.15)

24.1 jpg15    15    Happy Dumpling Team

Didi Rowlatt, Ultimo Community Centre…..We could see that it’s a wonderful workshop as it brings all cultures together which is especially good for older people. It was extremely impressive how you conducted the workshop in two languages. I really admire your skill and your energy as it takes a lot to do something like that.  What a wonderful person you are to do such a good thing for so many people….  (7.8.15)

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Aqueo Amada  from Brarzil, member of Harris Community Centre:  It was very nice to meet you and to see you frequently. 😉  I loved the Fusion Laughter workout.  It was fantastic, funny and relaxing!  Hope I can continue to participate. Aqueo Amada …(9.9.15)

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Sally, Volunteer – Harris Community Centre:  When I had your Laughter class today, I think you are an energetic and passionate Madam. When I had English class, I also think you are a knowledgeable person. I think I can learn from you by working with you for this project.  It is very impressive that you wrote down the syllable (vowel and consonant) to teach English words to your student.   (2.9.15)

2.1 Seniors Laughters celebrating Chinese New Year  80 Very good, very good, yeah!

We are on course and look forward to another adventurous and rewarding year with renewed energy, pride and empowerment .

Some of our past and upcoming events and activities include::


  • Jan       I LOVE AUSTRALIA Celebration & Exhibition at Ultimo Community Centre – to share the findings of what people love about Australia based on a survey conducted by our group
  • Mar     “Voice of Sydney, Australia”  – a variety show including a cultural magic food show @ Customs House – to showcase the diversity of Australian culture and what makes Australia Australia
  • Nov     “Unlocking  Suitcases” show at Lord Mayor’s Christmas Luncheon @ Sydney Lower Town Hall 


  • Feb      Chinese New Year live show @ Customs House 
  • Mar     “Breaking Barriers” a participant-directed, produced and performed theatre experience @ Customs House
  • Jul – Dec   Gestures Exploration Workshops to connect people people of all ages and from different backgrounds without words
    • Jul    Debut of Gestures Explorations – 150 people participated over 3 workshops
    • Nov   “Animals Gestures” with students from Wernona School
    • Dec   
      • “We are Family” with a group of university international students @ Sydney Town Hall House
      •  “Gift of Laugh” with inmates of an all-male maximum security drug treatment & correctional centre.
  • Sept     “Under the Umbrella”  an outdoor performance on R.U.OK Day at Martin Place, Sydney
  • Oct      National Laughter Conference – showcased members’ English capability and conducted a Laughter Gestures Exploration Workshop with laughter leaders.
  • Dec      Fusion Christmas @ Ultimo Community Centre celebrating friendship and cultural appreciation


  • Feb       Chinese New Year Celebration @ Ultimo Community Centre with our own God of Wealth, junior Lion Dance, and lots of food, laughter and “home-made” music
  • Mar     
    • Story of Clay Doll performance – sharing Chinese cultures and friendship in a film project of the Biennale of Sydney Art Exhibition.
    • “Music, Song & Kungfu Dance” Day of Diversity Celebration with the Spanish Community Care 
    • Street magic at Central Train Station and film production in celebration of Seniors Week
  • May
    • “Festival of Unlikely Conversations” – Living in Harmony Festival 
      •  Mask Workshop on 2/5 @ Ultimo Community Centre
      • Movement Workshop on 9/5  @ Harris Community Centre
      • Storytelling Workshop on 9/5 @ Cliff Noble Community Centre
      • Show Time on 19/5 @ Customs House 
  • Jun – Dec    FREE on-going Activities 
    • Fusion Movement of Qi 
    • Fusion Friendship English 
    • Fusion Gestures Exploration
    • Fusion Laughter Workshop
    • Fusion Magic & Drama 

Hope to see you at some of our fun and engaging  events and physical and emotional health focused activities which guarantee to delight and intrigue you.

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If the animals could talk, they will probably say, “Very good, very good, yeah…..” LR Sylvia Photos library module (227 of 231)


This is the new website for Fusion Culture Group, a community organisation based in Sydney, Australia. Check us out on any of our links above, and keep your eyes peeled for future posts!